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User manual


The Car Vac – Younik CV-12V75W Portable Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner with Extension Lead to a Cigarette Lighter Plugin Includes Brush, Hose, Long Crevice Accessories

How to clean the filter

  1. Press the on/off switch to turn the unit off.
  2. Press the dust cup and take off it. Hold the dust cup and remove the filter component.
  3. While holding the front of the dust cup, pour debris in the dust cup into a dustbin.
  4. Rinse the filter component in water.
  5. Allow the filter net to dry.
  6. Reinsert the filter by rotating clockwise into the dust cup. Then insert and lock the dust cup back into the body of the unit.
  7. All accessories are washable.



  1. Maintenance should only be performed when the unit is powered off.
  2. Do not perform maintenance until the switch is off and the unit is unplugged.
  3. Clean and remove dust inside the dust cup frequently to prevent malfunction.
  4. Avoid the use of gasoline or other corrosive materials to clean the unit.





Fabric Shaver by Younik LS-11 Rechargeable 58mm Large Lint Shaver for Sweater Knitwear Carpet Blankets


How to use Younik Fabric Shaver

1. Quick shaving method. Move the shaver along the garment in short strokes.

2. Eliminate stubborn lint. Move the shaver along and against the textile grain.

3. For thin fabrics. Fold into two layers and place on an ironing board before using.

4. When the garment has a protruding area Carefully go around the protruding area with the shaver.

5. For weaved garments Go along with the direction of the pattern. 

Cleaning Method

1. Turn off the device.

2. Turn the blade screen in the direction of the arrow.

3. Remove the blade

4. Use the small brush to clean the blade screen

5. Use the small brush to clean the blades

6. Use the small brush to clean the rotary pedals

7. Remove and empty the debris compartment

8. Work backwards to replace the blades and blade screen.